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Your Roadmap to Healthy Bones – 6 Week Online & Live Course @ dhyana Center
Jan 11 @ 6:30 pm – Feb 22 @ 8:30 pm
Your Roadmap to Healthy Bones - 6 Week Online & Live Course @ dhyana Center | Sebastopol | California | United States

Your Roadmap to Bone Health will support you to take action, and to understand how the whole body plays a role in nourishing our bones. When you nourish your bones, you are nourishing your whole body in a deep and meaningful way. 

This course is for those who understand that aging, stress and hormonal changes affect the bones, but want to understand what they can do and how to support those systems for optimal bone health, and optimal aging.

Maintaining strong bones is more than a lack of dietary calcium. It is a combination of hormones, internal signaling, and nutrients that work synergistically to create a strong foundation for our bones. Bone health is a window into our overall health.

Blood Sugar Reset @ dhyana Center
Mar 9 @ 6:00 pm – Mar 11 @ 6:00 pm
Blood Sugar Reset @ dhyana Center | Sebastopol | California | United States

Blood Sugar Reset

Are you tired of struggling with fatigue, excess weight around the middle, brain fog, insulin resistance, and want to reverse the path you’re on? Learn to uncover the secrets to restore your blood sugar balance with a holistic approach that will finally repair your metabolism.

Learn how food meets your physiology, so that you can eat, move and live in balance with your blood sugar, lowering inflammation and bringing harmony to the body and entire hormonal system. Blood sugar balance Is hormonal balance and is at the seat of our health and vitality.

This class includes an online offering, with 5 weeks of online support to guide you into implementing these changes . This is a great option if you can’t take the live class, but still want to join, as all of the curriculum will be online!

Join us if you are ready to reclaim your health! 


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This fall 2017- TBA

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