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Food Mood & Fermentation @ dhyana Center
Aug 10 @ 11:00 am – Aug 12 @ 5:00 pm
Food Mood & Fermentation @ dhyana Center
Are you ready to improve your health,  but feel a little overwhelmed with where to start?



Have you heard the latest buzz words?  

“Gut brain connection” –  
“Second brain” – 
“Microbiome” – 
“Leaky gut”
Do these concepts resonate enough, that you are ready to do what you can do to improve your own gut brain connection, or those of your clients? 
Today, not only are we under more stress, but so is our food system, and our bodies are exposed to a lot more environmental stressors. This is reflected in the surge of both digestive and mental health conditions we are facing as a society. 
Collectively, we are seeing a rise in autoimmune conditions, Alzheimers, diabetes, digestive issues, leaky gut, as well as depression, insomnia, and anxiety.  
Not long ago, depression was referred to as an inflammatory condition, rather than simply something we isolated with a medication.  
With a resurgence of probiotic rich foods, we are learning how to address our mental health by focusing on the gut, which includes whole foods,  fermented foods, and stress reduction techniques. 
This class will not only help you to understand this connection better, but also give you the tools to support your own second brain, and your first brain, to improve both your digestion and your mood. 
Here is what we will cover:

Addressing leaky gut
Amino acid therapy
Adrenal healing and stress reduction
Better Sleep
Healing systemic inflammation. 
AND… we will spend the day in the kitchen on Sunday learning how to make ferments! 



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This fall 2017- TBA

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